Mother-ground, show me roots, in your bare, dirty, kiss.
—Margo Berdeshevsky, Amber is a Tree's Blood

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Your Animal Heart

Hidden in the woods—a mask 
for Halloween, a mask 

for winter. We slip into our holiday 
frocks, never shedding a single 

article or appendage. Soon 
we grow, overgrow, tangled 

& wild, weary & wistful—
fear holds a small knife to the tubes

of your throat. I’m powerless. 
I can only save myself. 

Please, love, don’t swallow 
your questions. Let’s drink the forest

& forget the animals, 
the brambles stuck infinitely 

in their soles. Hawks are hawkish. 
Eels squirm. You can’t remember

the urge that brought us 
together, or forget the urge 

that’s pulling you away: our ragged 
arms, the sick, suckling meat 

of our hearts. Before you discard 
your mask, go & ruin the game 

for all future players.
Don’t break my body, break it free.

— tory adkisson

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